Classic massage

Classic massage (partial or whole body) has a relaxation function. This procedure is complementary therapy where it is necessary to loosen stiff muscles, treating painful contractions, or to prepare a patient for therapeutic exercise.

Reflexive foot massage

After a herbal bath is followed by acupressure massage of the feet. This special technique can affect the function of internal organs and to induce a balance in autonomic muscle.

Aroma massage

Friction is generally used with whole palms, which has a relaxing effect. Natural essential oils are used to relieve rheumatic pain, muscle tension and general relaxation.

Lymphatic drainage (aparative)

Lymphatic drainage using special stalls limbs in which there is a change of pressure on the capillary walls and improve metabolism between blood and tissue. Lymphatic drainage has a cosmetic effect - removes subcutaneous fat and relieves symptoms of cellulite.

Underwater massage

Underwater massage hydrotherapy is a procedure in which in a special bath done underwater massage stream of water, which is under a certain pressure. Massage can be total or partial. Relieves after injuries or surgeries musculoskeletal, rheumatic and degenerative diseases of the joints, muscle pain and atrophy, helps in chronic constipation.

Buble bath

Buble bath has a sedative effect, loosens muscular and mental tension. It is used in musculoskeletal disorders, to improve blood circulation in limbs to heal scars and insomnia.

Thermal bath

Bath in natural mineral water at a temperature of 37 - 38 ° C (or 40 ° C). The bath is myorelaxierend, spasmolytic and analgesic. As a result, the chemical, thermal and pressure doses in the bath result in the elimination of concomitant reflexive symptoms in degenerative diseases of the locomotive apparatus, which again creates congenital conditions for rehabilitation.

Dry gas bath CO 2 (gas bag)

Using with pure CO 2 gas. The gas is absorbed through clothes, affects vasodilatation and directly effects skin receptors. It improves blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, accelerates the healing of wounds and positively affects kidney function. Carbon dioxide stimulates the production of sex hormones testosterone and estradiol, so successfully used to improve sexual function in men and relieve menopausal symptoms in women. To feed the plastic bags used in which the gas is applied. The procedure is suitable for patients with peripheral arterial disease, hypertension, gynecological and urological disorders of sexual function.

Gas injection

This is the application of carbon dioxide under the skin near the large joints and spine. The main effect is to reduce pain, improve blood circulation and accelerate healing. The procedure is suitable in disorders of blood circulation in limbs, ischemic heart disease, degenerative diseases of joints and spine pain syndrome.


Oxygen therapy is regenerative oxygen cure, which in combination with the antioxidants and physical exercise helps the organism to eliminate free oxygen radicals, whose accumulation causes premature aging of cells and many diseases. Improves oxygenation of tissues and organs, physical and mental performance, heart activity and elasticity of the lung tissue.

Mud wraps (mud baths)

Peat is used in the form of tiles or baths with musculoskeletal disorders, gynecological diseases and respiratory diseases. It is a form of thermotherapy. Heat increases blood circulation and local metabolism, thereby accelerating the absorption of chronic inflammatory infiltrates, softens the ligament, relaxes the skeletal muscles and smooth muscles of internal organs.

Paraffin pack hands

This is local thermotherapy. It is used in combination with paraffin, white paraffin oil. Paraffin was repeatedly soaked in a special vessel with molten paraffin at a temperature of about 55 degrees Celsius. It is mainly used on hands with degenerative joint disease.


Mineral water inhalation is used to improve the function of the airway mucosa and inflammatory effects, to liquefy mucus and to facilitate coughing. Mineral waters can supply medications for severe dyspnoea, natural salt for upper respiratory tract catarrh, or infusion of herbs.


Electrical energy using ultrasound is converted into mechanical energy (tissue micro-massage) and heat. The result is increased blood flow and improve nutrition of tissues, relaxation of muscle contractures, smoothing of scars, analgesic and antiinflammatory effects in musculoskeletal diseases.

Pulsed magnetic therapy 

Pulse magnetotherapy utilizes the effects of a pulsed electromagnetic field applied using flat rollers or applicators. Vasodilatory has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant and spasmolytic effect. Accelerates healing of bones and soft tissues. The prescribed time by the physician is 10-30 minutes depending on the strength of the applied field.